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From a CEO

“Mike has exceptional qualifications and talents that will enable him to make great contributions to the organization. His expertise will compliment the talents of the existing board of directors. We all look forward to working with him as we continue to grow our organization in preparation of taking it to the next level.”


From a Vice Chairman

"Mike's key accomplishments during his decade of service include:

  • rationalizing a fragmented and overly complex systems environment;
  • building a team of qualified professionals, while also keeping up with the firm's exceptional rate of growth during this period;
  • developing and articulating a systems architecture strategy for the firm
  • implementing an ongoing professional qualifications audit that assured continuing alignment of our skills with the needs of the firm;
  • engineering the shift from a predominantly mainframe to a multi-platform hardware/software environment;
  • managing the design and move to a new technology center;
  • converting and retooling our major legacy systems and;
  • establishing a sophisticated desktop environment.

Mike's efforts contributed to the firm's success"


From a President

"Mike really understands the business impact of technology beyond merely the cost-benefit aspect. His bias for action and ability to motivate his teams with a shared vision brings out the best in people of all levels enabling them to work more effectively together and deliver exceptional results."


From a COO

Mike possesses executive leadership skills as well as strong business acumen. As a strategic thinker, Mike was instrumental in leading large organizations through ... high-profile, high-impact activities.  Mike is a well respected person and always strives to achieve excellence through a strong sense of business ethics, openness, and boldness.”


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