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Biography of Michael Goff

Mike Goff is the Managing Partner of Peachwood Partners in Baltimore Maryland specializing in ‘CXO’ coaching, strategic information systems planning and operational efficiency/process engineering.

T. Rowe Price Group

Formerly Mr. Goff was the Chief Information Officer for T. Rowe Price Group and President of T. Rowe Price Investment Technologies a technology development and operations organization dedicated to improving access, and quality of information for T. Rowe Price.

DST Systems

Prior to T. Rowe Price, Mr. Goff was a Vice President with DST Systems in Kansas City, Missouri. As the charter member of DST’s Advanced Technology Group, Mr. Goff developed the Automated Work Distributor (AWD). Both a Business Process Management and Workflow automation platform, AWD is installed on over 200,000 desktops world wide and is the dominant BPM platform in the Mutual Fund industry.

Arthur Young & Company

Mr. Goff was also a consulting manager with Arthur Young & Company (Now a part of Cap Gemini) specializing in strategic planning, development and implementation of advanced technologies. Mr. Goff conducted engagements for Hallmark, Sprint, Farmland Industries, Marion Labs, H&R Bloch, Pacific Gas and Electric and others.

From a CEO

“Mike has exceptional qualifications and talents that will enable him to make great contributions to the organization. His expertise will compliment the talents of the existing board of directors. We all look forward to working with him as we continue to grow our organization in preparation of taking it to the next level.” PB

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Expanded Bio

You might say that the arc of the career of Michael A. Goff has been non-traditional. You might even say it’s been a bit of an anomaly. Consider this: without having traversed one of the traditional academic paths into the upper echelons of the business executive ranks, Michael is today a consultant and educator to CIOs on how to best align technology with business problems to strategically put into effect the right solutions. Consider this also: Michael built a world-class IT organization at T. Rowe Price in less than two years. The major mutual fund group gladly kept him on as CIO, a position he held for 10 years before moving on to a start-up consulting firm as Managing Partner. Prior to Michael’s arrival at T. Rowe Price, the average tenure for such a role was 20 months.

A poet once said that we are each a small storm. To extend the metaphor, if Mr. Goff is a storm, he has long been a spiral wrapped around a distinct calm eye. Early on, he had the collaborative and ‘total picture’ instincts of a business leader and the wherewithal to recognize and secure opportunities. After completing 60 hours in the business degree program at Ottawa University in Kansas, he propelled himself into the business world. By the time he was 22 years old he was working 60 to 70 hours a week running the Western Regional Data Center, a major data center for Associated Dry Goods in Los Angeles, California. By the time he was 30 years old, he was making well over six figures in salary. Michael never went back to school to complete his degree for the simple reason — he was too busy being successful.

To complement his expanding business management perspective, Michael exercised his strong bent for technology. With expertise previously gained from a certificate program in Application Programming and Systems Engineering along with the technically oriented experience at the Western Regional Data Center, Michael evolved into a ‘storm’ that gathered strength and moved in purposeful direction. He was a founding member of Arthur Young & Company’s National Advanced Technology Application Group. In 1987 DST Systems Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri, selected him as Vice President in charge of the Advanced Technology Group. Michael’s success skyrocketed. He grew DST’s net revenues by more than $100 million and cemented the company’s $800 million core business by developing the Automated Work Distributor (AWD), an application that replaced the manual and paper intensive systems. His application quickly gained traction and resulted in sales and installation throughout the world.

From DST, Michael was recruited by T. Rowe Price (TRP) to transform their IT. He spent the first nine months at TRP fixing the basic infrastructure. Then with fast-forwarded managerial and team-building dexterity, he created world-class systems at a fraction of the cost that was standard for TRP’s competitors. Within his first two years at TRP, Michael had hired over 200 quality people and consolidated 300 existing staff members from other areas of the business to successfully create a highly functional $280 million budgeted organization. The IT Group would eventually grow under Michael to consist of 1,100 staff members, which represented 21% of the firm’s total headcount.

Michael’s energy and vision at T. Rowe Price showed no signs of dissipating. He proceeded to create T. Rowe Price Investment Technologies (TRPIT), a professional services firm consisting of senior analysts and project managers who advanced technology strategies and tactical plans by engaging in partnership with specific business units across the company. Michael appointed ‘User Champions’ to serve as technical experts within each business unit. He launched executive ‘boot camps’ to train management in the aggressive use of technology. This exemplified his very open management style — an inclusive, no boundaries approach that exposed his direct reports not only to his elevated mentorship, but also to the C-level suite of executives and to the Board. He encouraged their access to these senior leaders to expand their understanding of departmental interconnectedness. As a result, many of Michael’s direct reports have progressed to be CIOs and COOs at other firms.

As Managing Partner at Peachwood Partners in Sparks, Maryland, Michael’s uniquely developed 360 degree perspective provides corporate executives in Operations and at the various C-levels with valuable strategic and tactical direction for their IT needs. Michael’s 360 degree perspective has evolved through his career as a result of his inclusive management and learning style, which is not inhibited by boundaries and departmental lines. His perspective has also been bolstered by his direct experience managing P&L, servicing customers, and by working in highly regulatory environments. His foresight and deft negotiation skills and persuasiveness allow him to leverage company situations to gain competitive positioning and financial advantage. Michael has repeatedly displayed the ability to quickly divine or develop a vision even in situations where there is staff discomfort and rudderless strategies that are only vaguely defined. Michael can, in short order, build a shared sense of purpose — an esprit d’ corps around a mission as opposed to a crisis. He ignites momentum and sustains it.

Mr. Goff has spent much time during the last 10 years working on various school boards. His focus issue has been to remove the stigma associated with kids who learn differently, and to foster environments that remove that stigma. Most recently, Michael has been a member of the Board of Trustees for the Ruxton County (MD) Schools, where he has served as Chair of Development in 2008, and as the Marketing/Communications Chair in 2006. During his tenure, a new middle school facility was built with 100% of the money obtained from the Board’s successful capital campaign. Michael has four children and he and his wife, Laurie, reside in Maryland. Michael has been a long-time member of the Porsche Club of America and the BMW Club. He is a collector of guitars and a self-taught guitar player and musician. As well, he is a budding songwriter, albeit, a frustrated one.

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